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Exerts from similar sites. Mainly posts regarding downloadable digital assets and other information pertaining to digital design content downloads. Kept live and current with bi-daily posts.

One Color

Striking imagery that features one primary color.

223 photos - Curated by Andrew Neel


Negative Space Travel

Images with large areas of out-of-focus or low-contrast negative space around a foreground focal point, suitable for full-width hero sections or article header sections with an overlaid contrasting headline.

449 photos - Curated by Matt Popovich


50 Free Seamless & Tileable Pattern Sets

Seamless and tileable patterns add extra depth and richness to your designs so having them in your design library is a sensible choice. Aside from using them in web projects, you can also use them in print projects.

Specky Boy

30 Free High-Resolution Pattern Packs for Adobe Photoshop

In this post, Specky Boy rounded up the best high-resolution patterns for Photoshop. You’ll find wood patterns, butterflies, floral, and many other professional patterns that can be used for a wide range of projects. The best part about these patterns is that they are free.

Specky Boy

10 Tutorials for Creating Seamless Patterns in Adobe Illustrator

In this post from Specky Boy, you’ll find the best tutorials from around the web that will help you take your Illustrator skills to the next level and allow you to create custom, seamless patterns for all your current and future design projects.

Specky Boy

Magazine and Booklet Mockups

Free photo realistic mockups focusing on magazines and books. Check out this page on MCKUPS and use one of their magazine and book free mockups to present your design.

MCKUPS Mockup Icon and Logo

Magazine and Booklet Mockups

These mockups are included in separate PSD files but you can edit them individually, move them around and even drag them to a new document if you want to work with just one of them.

You can easily paste your own design on these via smart objects and create amazing presentations in just a few seconds!

Alien Valley

Free Animated floating iPad Pro Mockup

Free Animated floating iPad Pro Mockup in PSD format. Use the PSD file’s smart layer to insert your own display content and export as an animated GIF or video file. Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 px.

Ape Mockups

10 Free Vintage And Hipster Logo Sets

Vintage and retro style logos are popular. Many designers use them to create their personal brand and others use them for creating logos for coffee shops, restaurants or online apparel stores.

Check out these ten sets of logo templates. Most of which are Illustrator Template Downloads.

Graphic Berry